Sarah Clemens Clothing is a small homemade clothing business started by me – Sarah! Clothing has always been my favorite thing… I am basically a self-taught sewer, thanks to great tips from my mom and grandmother over the years. Everything is designed by me. All the fabric I use for the clothing is made of natural fibers. I use mostly linen and then some wool, cotton and occasionally silk. I have a little group of super girls who sew, iron, cut, and take care of the computer stuff. Each piece of clothing is made lovingly in my house located in a small town in PA.


I have 3 kids that I home school during the day, sewing in the morning and at night. Also, I love flowers, love to cook, and hate to sleep!

Hope you enjoy the clothing!

Missy - Loves to eat food and workout (keeping her so skinny :P) and spending time with her husband.

Gen Is my computer girl and does my bookwork. She loves being a mom to her adorable baby boy and spending time with her hubby. 

Natalie - Does the ironing, cutting and some sewing. She really loves shopping and working out.

Ellie - Does some of the sewing. She loves running track and hanging out with her friends.